The Rib Whip – Midwest BBQ Done Right!

The San Francisco area will never be the same as far as ribs are concerned. There are now 2 fully operational Rib Whip Food Trucks patrolling the streets of San Francisco looking for hungry consumers to lend a hand too. They serve some of the best midwest style ribs and beef brisket you can find in the city. This is because Ryan has installed the nations only on-board smoker. This foodtruck has been equipped with a customized sound system as well as on-board movie projector.

The Rib Whip is usually located at 246 Ritch St. in San Francisco.
Filling the air with the smell of Midwest BBQ daily is Ryan’s passion and wrapping foodtrucks is ours. We are hooked on the great taste of the Midwest that The Rib Whip provides to the Bay Area. There’s nothing better then a rack of bbq ribs and a fat tri-tip sandwich!

Bay Area Vehicle Wraps is locally owned, insured, and 3M certified. We handle the majority of the projects in California and have amassed quite a big of buzz. Our excellent customer service is responsible for a lot of our reputation and our work is truly our passion. We use the expensive machines and high quality materials to make sure you will remain happy with your wrap for as long as you need it. If you need to contact us with any questions or concerns, please feel free to use our contact form.